JiangSu Disruptive New Materials Co. Ltd

JiangSu Disruptive New Materials Co. Ltd is a joint venture company created together with Jiangyin USUN Biochemical Technology Co., for commercialization of cosmetic products in China. The company is based in Jiangyin, Jiangsu province which is known for its expertise, experience and production of cosmetic products.

Since 2017, large quantities of Upsalite have been shipped to our JV for development and commercial distribution of products within cosmetic dermatology. On September 21st 2017, the very first product, as a result of that JV, was launched to a Chinese audience of approximately 30 million people, all considered influencers or agents within the target market. The product, an all purpose powder spray, can be used for oil control to give a matte finish, as a dry schampoo or as a deodorant.