Pharmaceutical development

Amorphous stabilization by applying the Pharma-MMC drug delivery technology

Poorly Soluble Drugs

Such drugs represent approximately 70% of all pharmaceutical drugs in development. The Pharma-MMC drug delivery technology can be used to create amorphous solid dispersions of the drug, hence increasing its dissolution and the body’s ability to absorb the drug, and may be used to rescue particularly difficult drugs or to enable novel product formulations

Pharmaceutical Development

Disruptive Pharma – advanced the original MMC platform into a novel drug delivery platform, the pharmaceutical grade mesoporous magnesium carbonate (Pharma-MMC).

Considerable time in recent years have been spent on screening potential active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) that may benefit from Pharma-MMC drug delivery system. Today we have identified numerous API candidates that successfully stabilized in their amorphous state.

Pharma-MMC also provides a great opportunity particularly for drugs with poor aqueous solubility, thus facilitating dissolution and the body’s ability to absorb drugs in the GI tract. Disruptive Pharma currently has multiple potential drug product candidates in development and patent applications on file.

Amorphous Stabilization

It is a well-known fact that the dissolution rate is higher for the amorphous form of a poorly soluble drug than from its various crystal forms. However, the amorphous state is inherently unstable and tends to recrystallize back into the poorly soluble form. Accordingly, amorphous APIs as such are not inherently feasible for the development of stable and high-quality oral drug products. Pharma-MMC offers an attractive combination of high drug load, excellent amorphous API stability and additional aspects.

API Loading Schematic

API loading is based on solvent evaporation and this method as such is compatible with industry-standard equipment. Pharma-MMC is compatible with selected excipients and since it is inherently flowable, capsule filling is straightforward.

The API loading schematic illustrates a capsule as the final dosage form. Other dosage forms may also be available, such as tablets, a powder or a granule, granules in capsules, a cachet, stick packs, etc.

"The team has identified several strong API candidates and the Company has partnered with a global CDMO that enables us to bridge the distance to the market", says Peter Åsberg.