Welcome to Disruptive Pharma
We are a pharmaceutical company that develops novel drug products and drug formulations

Disruptive Pharma

We develop selected drug products based on our proprietary drug delivery platform, the pharma-grade mesoporous magnesium carbonate (Pharma-MMC, further information available on the MMC Technology section).
By a clever amorphous formulation of already approved active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) or new chemical entities (NCEs) into Pharma-MMC platform we can realize novel and safe improved or therapeutically equivalent drug products.
Our goal is to maximize the potential of the Company by harnessing the potential of our continuously expanding pool of high-performing, safe and IP-protected drug products based on Pharma-MMC.
DISRUPTIVE PHARMA is a stand-alone company that previously was operating under the DISRUPTIVE MATERIALS umbrella.

MMC Technology

Several products within selected areas going into clinical trials

Our goal is to build a pipeline of our own drug products within a wide range of disease areas and to develop Pharma-MMC formulations of partner APIs or NCEs. Disruptive Pharma first lead project is expected to enter clinical trials during 2023. More to come in the future!

Partner Collaborations

To bring these drugs to the market we collaborate with select partners. At present we are working with undisclosed industrial and academic partners. Disruptive Pharma is a member in Swedish Drug Delivery Center (SweDeliver) and Additive manufacturing for life sciences (AM4Life) which both are a VINNOVA competence centre.

Team Pharma

The Pharma Company, headed by CEO Dr. Peter Åsberg, have advanced the development of Pharma-MMC drug formulations towards commercial drug products at a high pace. Our pharmaceutical development team is co-headed by Dr. Tuulikki Lindmark and Dr. Jonas Fagerberg. Manufacturing and scale-up is headed by M.Sc. Tobias Assander. Today the team consists of eight FTEs highly skilled in drug development and drug formulation; Management is supported by industry experts with extensive experience within patent strategy, business development, regulatory strategy, pharmaceutical quality and clinical development.