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Better and Safer Drug Products enabled by our unique MMC drug delivery technology

Passion for pharmaceutical innovation

Our team at Disruptive Pharma has perfected the groundbreaking mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) drug delivery technology. This innovation makes it easier to develop amorphous drug candidates.
By combining our MMC formulation technology with drug compounds we can realize:
–> Improved versions of existing products by an amorphous formulation of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).
–> Enabling formulations of new chemical entities (NCEs) that are complex to formulate, lack the desired performance, or exhibit poor water solubility.

We’re committed to crafting better drug products that directly benefit patients. Through our MMC technology, we can enhance existing products or assist in formulating new therapies.


Business model and Partnering

Within the Drug Improvement business area, we will seek commercial partnership or global licensing to industry partner(s) at or before clinical proof-of-concept has been demonstrated.
• Licensing agreement
• Milestone based development agreement
• Strategic co-development

Within the Drug Enablement business area, we offer different ways of working together;
• Licensing agreements – developing enabling formulations of partner assets
• Fee for service contracts – Technology provider and feasibility trials
• Co-development of partner assets – Mutually agreed development programs

Improving drug products with MMC

By leveraging our proprietary MMC drug delivery technology we can reformulate APIs to realize improved versions of selected products already on the market. The oral bioavailability of the API may be significantly enhanced by an MMC formulation, resulting in a substantial API dose reduction with bioequivalent efficacy. This is expected to translate into lower inter-patient variability which also may improve API tolerability. Drugs based on APIs with poor water solubility typically exhibit high efficacy levels, but patients suffer from an unfavorable side effect profile, such as a high rate of gastro-intestinal complications.

Enablement of new chemical entities with MMC

Formulation of novel drug compounds may be challenging. The MMC technology offers several solutions for small molecule drug delivery needs. It does not matter if your drug compound exhibits poor water solubility or is difficult to formulate for other reasons. We can tailor make the best solution for your drug compound whether it is a new chemical entity (NCE) or an already known drug (API). A drug compound loaded into MMC can be directly filled into capsules. This means that one uniform MMC formulation can be used in all pre-clinical studies, through the clinical program, and finally the commercial product. Through MMC your formulation challenges are mitigated, the technical development risk is reduced and development time due to reformulation is kept at a minimum.