Creating a pipeline of drug products based on our novel drug delivery platform Disruptive Pharma, a spin-out company from the Disruptive Materials group

Start Up

Located right in between Uppsala University, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and Uppsala University Hospital, the company is well-positioned to exploit its pioneering discovery of a unique mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) material. Up until breakthrough discovery by the group of Professor Maria Strømme in 2012, commercialized by Disruptive Materials AB in 2013, nobody had been able to produce an amorphous and anhydrous mesoporous magnesium carbonate with such high surface area and pore volume.

Creating A Pipeline of Drug Products

Disruptive Pharma - primary goal is to develop selected drug products based on proprietary API formulations in Pharma-MMC. Pharma-MMC is an optimized grade of the MMC that was introduced at Start Up and developed into a high performing drug delivery platform by the Company.
If a highly effective but poorly soluble drug can make it through development and onto the market, it can mean a lot to patients. Another goal is to initiate targeted development and collaborations with the pharmaceutical industry.
Disruptive Pharma – was recently spun-out from the Disruptive Materials group.

Amorphous mesoporous magnesium carbonate is discovered
The first patent application is filed
Disruptive Materials is formed together with Mattias Karls to commercialize Upsalite (1 employee)
Voted one of the hottest new Tech companies by “33 listan”, a list of emerging technology companies in Sweden (5 employees)
First large scale batch produced (7 employees)
New office & lab space (9 employees)
Elected best Nanotechnology company of the year in the Nordics by SwedNanoTech; 1st product on the market in cosmetics (18 employees)
2nd and 3rd product launched in sports; Winner of ISPO award for best new climbing accessory (20 employees and counting)
Pharma is a self-operating unit targeted for spin-out from Disruptive Materials when the time is ready
Pharma initiates the development of our first drug product candidate
Disruptive Pharma spin-out and establishment as a stand-alone pharmaceutical company

A Bright Future

Focused development and strategic release of selected Pharma-MMC enhanced drug products will translate into a bright future for Disruptive Pharma. At the end of the day, it’s all about meeting unmet medical needs and delivering product with a great market potential.

The establishment of the Disruptive Pharma company has enabled us to focus on our business model, development of proprietary and commercial drugs based on the Pharma-MMC platform. The product candidates that currently are in development may offer annual sales of over 1 billion USD and a clear path to launch in the US.

MMC Technology