Disruptive Pharma at a glance

Disruptive Pharma is a pharmaceutical company utilizing its innovative MMC technology to enable amorphous drug formulations. We aim to work with partners to turn their APIs into novel and commercially attractive drug products. Disruptive Pharma provides the MMC technology and expertise for solving drug delivery problems. The company’s MMC technology offers competitive advantages over other technologies.

In addition, the company is developing its own pipeline of 505(b)(2) products to address significant unmet medical and commercial needs. The lead product, an MMC improved sorafenib for treatment of HCC and RCC, will enter the clinic in the second half of 2024.

Start Up
Located right in between, the Swedish Medical Products Agency, and Uppsala University Hospital, the company is well-positioned to exploit its pioneering discovery of a unique mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) technology. A breakthrough discovery by the group of Professor Maria Strømme, Uppsala University, in 2012.


The MMC drug delivery technology and its scientific basis has been validated in numerous scientific studies. A selection of publications related to Disruptive Pharma MMC amorphization technology.

Please note that Disruptive Pharma continuously develops the MMC technology, drug loading process and drug product formulations.
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Frykstrand et al 2014 – Pore forming mechanism of MMC

Zhang et al 2014 – Stabilization of amorphous ibuprofen in MMC

Zhang et al 2016 – Controlled Drug Release from MMC

Zhang Thesis 2016 – MMC as a drug delivery vehicle for stabilizing amorphous drugs and regulating their release rate

Gomez de la Torre et al 2022 – Bioavailability of Celecoxib in MMC, An In Vivo Evaluation

A Bright Future

By building a strategic a pipeline of proprietary formulations of oral small molecule drugs, primarily within the oncology area, we will showcase the MMC technology and bring MMC excipient to market. In this effort we offer various opportunities for partnerships and licensing agreements with both biotech and pharma companies.

We see a large potential in providing the best solutions for our partners to get the most out of their assets and turn them into commercially viable therapeutic drug products. The MMC technology can be used to extend and manage lifecycle of existing products based on crystalline formulation of drugs with poor water solubility. Our R&D team has established a streamlined process which reduces the effective development time for future products in our pipeline. The future looks bright!