Jun 27, 2023

Disruptive Pharma announces DPH001 pipeline project

We are excited to announce that Disruptive Pharma is initiating the development of MMC sorafenib as its first proprietary product based on the mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) platform.

Sorafenib is a cornerstone in the treatment of patients suffering from hepatocellular- and renal cell carcinomas. While highly efficacious, currently approved formulations also exhibit undesirable side effects. With Disruptive Pharma’s MMC platform we could demonstrate bioequivalence using significantly reduced quantities of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). In our upcoming clinical program, we aim to translate the sorafenib dose reduction advantage into intra-patient variability and potentially other patient benefits.

Mesoporous magnesium carbonate (MMC) is Disruptive Pharma’s proprietary drug delivery platform for amorphous stabilization and solubility enhancement. MMC leverages a uniformly porous structure to stabilize small molecule APIs into an amorphous state. Its unique properties make MMC an ideal carrier for APIs and its template-free synthesis allows for facilitated production scale-up.